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Thermal Insulation

Good home insulation is an important consideration for today’s homeowner as it leads to a reduction in heat loss from the building, lowered running costs and a reduction in environmentally damaging gas emissions.

Thermal insulation is based on the principle that heat moves from warmer to cooler areas, therefore, on cold days heat from inside the home will move to the outside and correspondingly, on warmer days, heat from outside will move to inside the building. By installing the recommended thermal insulation solution for your home, this process is slowed down. By inhibiting the process of heat transfer, your home will retain heat for longer and require less use of your home-heating system which in turn allows for a reduction in fuel costs.

Heat transfer takes place through conduction, convection and/or radiation and thermal insulation is specifically designed to combat the particular workings of each of these methods of heat transfer from the home. Eddie Connolly Builders (Nenagh) Ltd. are fully qualified SEI Contractors. We will provide expert advice on the recommended thermal insulation solution for your home.

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