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Responding to the global responsibility to protect our environment by reducing our consumption of fossil fuels, Solar Thermal Energy provides for a renewable energy source that works to harness sunlight and convert it into heat-energy. By implementing a solar thermal system, you will lower your use of oil, gas or electricity and in turn reduce environmentally damaging CO2 emissions.

How does a solar thermal system work?

Solar panels, which are installed on the roof of your home, convert sunlight or solar energy into heat energy. The heat is generated through the absorption of the sun’s rays by the dark colour coated absorber sheet of the panels. When there is sufficient daylight a pump is stimulated into action and frost protected, non-toxic solar fluid circulates through the pipe work of the system. The heat transfer fluid in the piping system absorbs the heat and is pumped to the hot water tank, where the heat is transferred to the surrounding water in the tank by a heat exchanger. It is this water in the cylinder that is then used for your showers, sinks and central heating.

The system works automatically and in summer almost 100% of all hot water needs are met by the solar system. For the remainder of the year, the solar thermal system preheats the water so that your boiler only tops up to the required temperature.

Will solar panels continue to work if there is high cloud coverage?

Your solar thermal system will produce 60-70% of hot water requirements, even on a cloudy day. Heat will continue to be generated through the diffuse light received. Your existing method for heating water acts as a backup for when there is insufficient sunlight to generate heat through the solar thermal system.

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