We provide renewable energy solutions, ranging from solar panels and heat recovery to wind turbines and insulation.

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Renewable Energy Solutions

Historically the world depended on coal, oil, gas and other fossil fuels to generate heat, electricity and to support a wide range of systems. However, these resources are non-renewable and carry an inevitable date of extinction. Therefore, the need to seek alternative, renewable, energy sources is unavoidable. Moreover, the damage caused to the environment in terms of global warming through an increase of greenhouse gases as a result of exploiting non-renewable sources has pushed the immediacy of identifying viable renewable-energy sources forward and onto a global stage.

The Irish government’s commitment to moving towards greater use of our renewable energy sources is reflected in the Home Energy Saving (HES) scheme, administered through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, which provides grants to homeowners who are interested in improving the energy efficiency of their home.

Two main sources of renewable energy are the sun, in the form of solar energy, and wind energy. Eddie Connolly Builders (Nenagh) Ltd. is a registered SEI Contractor and can provide expert advice and installation services of solar panels and wind turbines as renewable-energy resources for your home or business.

Renewable Energy Services