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Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat recovery systems work to provide air management within homes. Amazingly, the air within a building can be up to ten times more polluted as the air outside. Our homes potentially contain gases such as carbon monoxide, CO2, NO2 and radon; mould growth, stale cooking smells, pet odours; and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as furnishings, paints, chemical cleaning products.

The presence of these elements give rise to unpleasant, and more seriously, potentially health-damaging air content. By integrating a heat recovery ventilation system into your home, you will reduce the associated health-risks of poor ventilation and enjoy an improved quality of air.

What are the benefits to using a Heat Recovery System?

Besides the obvious health benefits, using a heat recovery system will allow fresh filtered air to circulate throughout your home. This leads to a reduction in condensation and damage caused by moisture within the home. Furthermore, all unpleasant smells, airborne dust and draughts are removed from your home. This system eliminates the use of trickle ventilators, noisy extractor fans and also reduces outside noise pollution. Financially, there is a cost-reduction to heating bills and as an environmentally conscious system it reduces your carbon footprint and improves your BER rating.

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